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Ldap Error Code 2


Attempts to bind as that user using the password provided. Using password entered in form. Ensure your DN is correct; and free from typographical errors. H.41. http://softacoustik.com/error-code/ldap-error-code-16.php

To get around the problem, set java.naming.referral=follow before creating the initial context, this will turn-off or de-activate the manage referral control. Check the error message to see the attribute that caused the problem. 49 The bind operation has failed, typically due to a problem with the account. It wasn't accurate It wasn't clear It wasn't relevant Submit feedback Cancel Have a question about this article? An error was encountered decoding a result from the LDAP server.

Ldap Error Code 49 80090308

This may be the size limit specified by the client in the search request, or it may be a size limit imposed by the server. H.33. a group (or groups) has a name that has two leading spaces. If the property is set to "follow", then the LDAP provider processes the referral.

LDAP è un dolore. Problems, comments, suggestions, corrections (including broken links) or something to add? LDAP_CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION 19 (x'13) An attribute value specified in an operation violates some constraint Possible causes: 1. Microsoft Ldap Error Codes Using password stored in configuration Binding with DN for non-anonymous search (cn=public-ldap,ou=Garda1UserTS,ou=service accounts,dc=garda1,dc=tlc).

Typically, this error is accompanied by LimitExceededException - Too many referrals were made; usually to a DNS address that does not exist. LDAP Specifications Defined in RFCs LDAP Specifications Defined in Internet Drafts LDAP Result Code Reference LDAP Object Identifier Reference Sponsored by ©2015 UnboundID. FreeBSD in particular needs an explicit entry in rc.conf (slapd_cn_config="YES") to force use of slapd.d. Log in or register to post comments Comment #14 scsbns001 CreditAttribution: scsbns001 commented July 6, 2012 at 8:55pm Just installed the latest stable version for Drupal 7 ldap-7.x-1.0-beta11.

It does not indicate that the client has sent an erroneous message. Ldap Error Code 32 wrong type - string written to numeric attribute 2. Related changes Special pages Permanent link This page was last modified 18:09, 13 July 2016. ldap error #49 Invalid credentialsServer Properties sid = bus-server2 name = bus-server2 status = 1 ldap_type = ad address = port = 389 tls = 0 bind_method = 1 basedn

Openldap Error Codes

LDAP_NO_RESULTS_RETURNED 94 (x'5E) C API (draft) only. Note that the server may return a portion of the matching entries before this result. 5: Compare False This indicates that a compare operation was processed successfully but that the target Ldap Error Code 49 80090308 Note that this does not necessarily mean that the associated operation was aborted in the server, and it is entirely possible that an operation that was canceled on the client still Active Directory Error Codes Request a Call › Sales: (888) 323-6768 Support: (713) 418-5555 © Micro Focus Legal Privacy Scroll to Top View Desktop Site Atlassian Documentation  Log in Atlassian Knowledge Base Common User

Check the LDAP Server logs and configuration to ensure that it is working free from errors. More about the author LDAP_UNDEFINED_TYPE 17 (x'11) The attribute type specified in the request was invalid. H.28. On search operations, incomplete results are returned. 4 LDAP_SIZELIMIT_EXCEEDED Indicates that in a search operation, the size limit specified by the client or the server has been exceeded. Ldap Error Code 49 Acceptsecuritycontext Error Data 52e V1db1

If the property is set to "throw", throw ReferralException. LDAP_INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS 50 (x'32) The user has insufficient access to perform the operation. The add or modify operation tries to add an entry with a value for an attribute which the class definition does not contain. http://softacoustik.com/error-code/ldap-error-code-65.php LDAP_NO_OBJECT_CLASS_MODS 69 (x'45) Object class modifications are not allowed.

This error is returned for the following reasons: The add entry request violates the server's structure rules...OR...The modify attribute request specifies attributes that users cannot modify...OR...Password restrictions prevent the action...OR...Connection restrictions Ldap Error Code 49 - Invalid Credentials The Drupal module was not the problem. A requested control control was not found on this server.

Does not generate an exception. 6 Compared true.

H.21. Check that you can log in as that user in another system that is connected to the same LDAP engine. Just saying... Ldap Error Code 81 If you are using Active Directory, refer to the table below about Error 49 in Active Directory. 50 The LDAP user configured on the client (i.e.

LDAP Status Code Meaning Exception or Action 0 Success Report success. 1 Operations error NamingException 2 Protocol error CommunicationException 3 Time limit exceeded. no olcSuffix attribute (or no suffix directive in slapd.conf) for the referenced DIT Additional Text: Shadow context; no update referral - the DIT being updated is a replica in read only The specified account password has expired. news Just add additional ldap server configurations with different base dns and binding methods and account as appropriate.

LDAP_CONFIDENTIALITY_REQUIRED 13 (x'0D) The server configuration requires some form of confidentiality (TLS/SSL or SASL) when performing the bind with the provided DN, for example, a global or database security directive may The account is currently disabled. Unused. Legal and Privacy site by zytrax web-master at zytrax Page modified: May 12 2016.

LDAP_INVALID_DN_SYNTAX 34 (x'22) A syntactically invalid DN was specified. Error Name Number Explanation/Causes LDAP_SUCCESS 0 (x'00) The request was successful.