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Linux Os Error Codes


Macro: int EHOSTUNREACH The remote host for a requested network connection is not reachable. In multithreaded programs it is a macro executing a function that returns the last error of the caller thread. Tweet >Add your comment If you enjoyed this article, you might also like.. 50 Linux Sysadmin Tutorials 50 Most Frequently Used Linux Commands (With Examples) Top 25 Best Linux Performance Macro: int EBADF Bad file descriptor; for example, I/O on a descriptor that has been closed or reading from a descriptor open only for writing (or vice versa). navigate to this website

O_CREAT flag is to create a file, if the file does not exist. This indicates that the function called is not implemented at all, either in the C library itself or in the operating system. There are two flags in the open call. All rights reserved | Terms of Service Errors: Linux System Errors When system requests fail, error code are returned. http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/10/linux-error-codes

Posix Error Codes

Macro: int EFTYPE Inappropriate file type or format. The system cannot allocate more virtual memory because its capacity is full. Macro: int ENOENT No such file or directory. Macro: int EPROCLIM This means that the per-user limit on new process would be exceeded by an attempted fork.

If you get this error, you might want to increase the RLIMIT_NOFILE limit or make it unlimited; see Limits on Resources. Link Felix Frank October 21, 2010, 8:16 am Hi, good thinking, but this article desperately lacks a reference to perror. Read more about Ramesh Natarajan and the blog. Enxio Display a help message and exit. • --ndb Print the error message for a MySQL Cluster error code. • --silent, -s Silent mode.

So there is one errno for each thread. Linux Errno Example Macro: int EINVAL Invalid argument. A given error code may mean different things on different operating systems. This happens not only when you use link (see Hard Links) but also when you rename a file with rename (see Renaming Files).

Macro: int EFBIG File too big; the size of a file would be larger than allowed by the system. Errno.h Windows The author of this document will not do fixups on the scripting examples to conform to the changing standard. For example, "Error no is : 17", which doesn't really say much. In next execution, it throws an error number 17, which is "File already exist".

Linux Errno Example

But it's not a good idea. –Gilles Feb 28 '11 at 21:22 | show 1 more comment up vote 1 down vote You may look into a little utility called errno. http://www.gnu.org/s/libc/manual/html_node/Error-Codes.html Link Felix Frank October 21, 2010, 8:16 am Hi, good thinking, but this article desperately lacks a reference to perror. Posix Error Codes Macro: int EINPROGRESS An operation that cannot complete immediately was initiated on an object that has non-blocking mode selected. Linux Errno To String On most systems, they're in /usr/include/errno.h or a file that it includes.

Invoke perror like this: shell> perror [options] errorcode ... useful reference Macro: int ENOLCK No locks available. Macro: int EPERM Operation not permitted; only the owner of the file (or other resource) or processes with special privileges can perform the operation. invalid for this operation EREMCHG0.382Remote address changed78Remote address changed82Remote address changed ELIBACC0.383Can't access a needed shared lib.79Can not access a needed shared library83Can't access a needed shared lib. Errno.h Linux Kernel

ELIBSCN0.385.lib section in a.out corrupted.81.lib section in a.out corrupted85.lib section in a.out corrupted. Did you unmount it before removing it? Users do not usually see this error because functions such as read and write translate it into a SIGTTIN or SIGTTOU signal. http://softacoustik.com/error-codes/linux-io-error-codes.php When you call aio_cancel, the normal result is for the operations affected to complete with this error; see Cancel AIO Operations.

Example: shell> perror 13 64 OS error code 13: Permission denied OS error code 64: Machine is not on the network To obtain the error message for a MySQL Cluster error Efault Macro: int EPROTOTYPE The socket type does not support the requested communications protocol. In C programming language, there is an external variable called "errno".

This error never occurs on GNU/Hurd systems.

Macro: int EMFILE The current process has too many files open and can’t open any more. Note: The codes are different for Linux and AIX Linux OS Return Codes AIX OS Return Codes Linux: Commmand: # perl -le 'print $!+0, "\t", $!++ for 0..127' 0 1 Operation See Creating a Socket. Einval Errno The technique of spawning child processes is used to delegate some work to a child process when there is no reason to stop the execution of the parent.

When you are running some program on Linux environment, you might notice that it gives some error number. See Also For more information, please refer to the MySQL Reference Manual, which may already be installed locally and which is also available online at http://dev.mysql.com/doc/. When computer programs are executed, the operating system creates an abstract entity called a process in which the book-keeping for that program is maintained. http://softacoustik.com/error-codes/linux-system-error-codes.php Do we need to unmount the SD/MMC cards?

not avail74RPC prog. The perror function is infinitely useful when dealing with errno (but sadly renders the point of this huge table mute). They are not yet documented. When you are running some program on Linux environment, you might notice that it gives some error number.

SUSv3 AIX 4.3,5.1 HP-UX 11.22 Solaris 9,10 Linux 2.4.28,2.6.9 IRIX 6.5[4] OSF1 FreeBSD 5.2.1 OSX 10.3.8 MSVC6 EPERM10Operation not permitted.1Operation not permitted1Not super-user1Not super-user1Operation not permitted1Operation not permitted1Not owner1Operation not permitted1Operation It indicates that the shortage is expected to pass, so your program can try the call again later and it may succeed. A function returns this error when certain parameter values are valid, but the functionality they request is not available. This can mean that the function does not implement a particular command or option value or flag bit at all.

The system tried to use the device represented by a file you specified, and it couldn’t find the device. This documentation is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it only under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; version 2 When this happens, you should try the call again.