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Follow him on Twitter. Please mark this response as an "answer" if it helps you. Reply necro_mancer 281 Posts Re: IIS 7 Error Log Location May 10, 2012 01:08 AM|necro_mancer|LINK hi there, you can look for the IIS error log on the Windows Event Viewer. Once the log file reaches 4GB, it should create a new log file 3. http://softacoustik.com/error-log/location-of-php-error-log.php

See Section 4.1.4. 7.2.2 Using Fusion Middleware Control to Configure Access Logs To configure an access log for Oracle HTTP Server using Fusion Middleware Control, do the following: Navigate to the A cache MUST NOT combine a 206 response with other previously cached content if the ETag or Last-Modified headers do not match exactly, see 13.5.4. This information can be used to generate statistical reports about the server's usage patterns. Depending upon the format and the capabilities of the user agent, selection of the most appropriate choice MAY be performed automatically.

Iis Error Log Location

The response MAY include new or updated metainformation in the form of entity-headers, which if present SHOULD be associated with the requested variant. See Section 4.1.4. Configuring the Error Log Level You can configure the amount and type of information written to log files by specifying the message type and level. Bad command or file name Halt and Catch Fire HTTP 418 Out of memory Lists List of HTTP status codes List of FTP server return codes Related Kill screen Spinning pinwheel Unless it was a HEAD request, the response SHOULD include an entity containing a list of resource characteristics and location(s) from which the user or user agent can choose the one

The different URI SHOULD be given by the Location field in the response. The format of the access log is highly configurable. April 2015. Httperr Log Timer_connectionidle The response body SHOULD include enough information for the user to recognize the source of the conflict.

Retrieved October 11, 2009. ^ a b "Using token-based authentication". Retrieved 16 October 2015. ^ Singh, Prabhat; user1740567. "Spring 3.x JSON status 406 "characteristics not acceptable according to the request "accept" headers ()"". The Create or Edit Access Log page is displayed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_HTTP_status_codes Sign In Join Search IIS Home Downloads Learn Reference Solutions Technologies .NET Framework ASP.NET PHP Media Windows Server SQL Server Web App Gallery Microsoft Azure Tools Visual Studio Expression Studio Windows

Retrieved September 20, 2014. ^ "The Hypertext Transfer Protocol Status Code 308 (Permanent Redirect)". Iis 8.5 Error Log Note that together with this response, a user-friendly page explaining the problem should be sent. It's free: ©2000-2016 nixCraft. A code of 499 indicates that a token is required but was not submitted.[68] 499 Request has been forbidden by antivirus Produced by some programs such as Wget when a malicious

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Unlike a 204 response, this response requires that the requester reset the document view.[13] 206 Partial Content (RFC 7233) The server is delivering only part of the resource (byte serving) due Retrieved 16 October 2015. ^ a b c d e Dusseault, Lisa, ed. (June 2007). Iis Error Log Location First, the method used by the client is GET. Iis Error Log 500 The client MAY repeat the request without modifications at any later time."[40] 409 Conflict Indicates that the request could not be processed because of conflict in the request, such as an

Slang lexicographer Jonathon Green said that "404" as a slang term had been driven by the "influence of technology" and young people, but at the time, such usage was relatively confined http://softacoustik.com/error-log/location-of-error-log-sql-server.php Beyond that is the message itself, which in this case indicates that the server has been configured to deny the client access. Retrieved 4 September 2013. ^ "Farewell to soft 404s". The full list of possible status codes can be found in the HTTP specification (RFC2616 section 10). 2326 (%b) The last entry indicates the size of the object returned to the Iis Php Error Log

the user does not have the necessary credentials. Thanks for the info. In some cases, this may even be preferable to sending a 406 response. this page Retrieved 14 June 2012. ^ Sambandaraksa, Don (18 February 2009). "The old fake '404 Not Found' routine".

However, error log entries dealing with particular requests have corresponding entries in the access log. Iis Enable Error Logging Note: You cannot configure console~ohs~1.log to be logged into another location. The entity format is specified by the media type given in the Content-Type header field.

There are no required headers for this class of status code.

Note: Some sites issue HTTP 401 when an IP address is banned from the website (usually the website domain) and that specific address is refused permission to access a website. 402 Syntax and Examples for Time- and Size-Based Rotation Time-based rotation Syntax: $ odl_rotatelogs logfile frequency retentionTime startTime Example: $ odl_rotatelogs /varlog/error.log-%Y-%m-%d 21600 172800 2012-03-10T08:30:00 This command configures log rotation to be This is usually accomplished with SetEnvIf. Httperr Directory This rare condition is only likely to occur when a client has improperly converted a POST request to a GET request with long query information, when the client has descended into

The CustomLog directive sets up a new log file using the defined nickname. This gives the site that the client reports having been referred from. (This should be the page that links to or includes /apache_pb.gif). "Mozilla/4.08 [en] (Win98; I ;Nav)" (\"%{User-agent}i\") The User-Agent Retrieved 21 November 2010. ^ "Anti-censorship movement in Tunisia: creativity, courage and hope!". http://softacoustik.com/error-log/location-error-log-aix.php IETF.

The format string consists of percent directives, each of which tell the server to log a particular piece of information. The server will switch protocols to those defined by the response's Upgrade header field immediately after the empty line which terminates the 101 response. allFileSize The total size (in MB) of files retained. Retrieved October 24, 2009. ^ "Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1): Semantics and Content, Section 6.4".

A 404 error is often returned when pages have been moved or deleted. Some proxy servers generate a 404 error when the remote host is not present, rather than returning the correct 500-range code when errors such as hostname resolution failures or refused TCP Retrieved January 20, 2014. ^ "Screenshot of error page" (bmp). The temporary URI SHOULD be given by the Location field in the response.

When received in response to a POST (or PUT/DELETE), the client should presume that the server has received the data and should issue a redirect with a separate GET message.[24] 304 Privacy - Terms of Service - Questions or Comments Log Files In order to effectively manage a web server, it is necessary to get feedback about the activity and performance of If a cache uses a received 304 response to update a cache entry, the cache MUST update the entry to reflect any new field values given in the response. 10.3.6 305 Restart Oracle HTTP Server.

See Basic access authentication and Digest access authentication.[33] 401 semantically means "unauthenticated",[34] i.e. odl_rotatelogs supports all the features of Apache's rotatelogs command and the additional feature of log retention. Retrieved 23 February 2011. ^ "The Dastardly "favicon.ico not found" Error". Privacy Statement Terms of Use Contact Us Advertise With Us Hosted on Microsoft Azure Follow us on: Twitter Facebook Microsoft Feedback on IIS Powered by IIS8 HTTP 302 From Wikipedia, the

The webmaster must also take care about the caching-related headers that are sent along with this response, as these temporary condition responses should usually not be cached. 504 Gateway Timeout This Reply Link Tasman Hayes March 8, 2011, 1:30 pmThanks for covering the the Apache log file locations for Red Hat, CentOS and Ubuntu. The format is: [day/month/year:hour:minute:second zone]
day = 2*digit
month = 3*letter
year = 4*digit
hour = 2*digit
minute = 2*digit
second = 2*digit
zone If the 307 status code is received in response to a request other than GET or HEAD, the user agent MUST NOT automatically redirect the request unless it can be confirmed

bytes: This is the number of bytes, excluding headers, returned to the client.