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Laserjet 5p Error Information


It is the top panel right across from the LED display. All printers May be temporary error. Si nee the HP LaserJ et 5P/5MP printer does not have a front control panel, Service Mode and many configuration tasks are accessible only through software (PJ L commands). The part number for the DC Controller Board does not indudea replacement PCA and cable. check over here

Removable Side Panel 7. You could also have a door interlock problem causing the light as well from what you describe. The following software driver diskettes are shipped with the C3155A HP LaserJ et 5MP printer: • TlieHP L aserj et 5MP Printer Software for Macintosli. Rear Output Tray 3. my review here

Hp Laserjet 5p User Manual

Finally, after everything stops and no page comes out, the last(top) light comes on orange. Applications such as the Remote Control Panel, Status Monitor, or the Status Window use the printer's parallel interface to send status information back to the computer (bi-directional communication). If I hold down the purple button to get a demo (the button right of LED #1), then the first LED blinks for a few seconds, the motor starts to whir, It would be a bit difficult to see the fuser light up since there is no light in it.

The reflected beam, although invisible, can damage your eyes. Thefollowing example shows how to use PJ L commands to enter Service Mode and perform various Service Mode configuration tasks. Fuser exit sensor flag and sensor 14 No EP cartridge or No toner cartridge. Hp Laserjet 5p Driver Any thing I can do to diagnose this further? -Thanks a bunch for any help!

If the Data light and the Ready light are both on for an extended period of time (the Ready light does not begin to flash), press the GO button to print Hp Laserjet 5mp Manual These are the only two TORX screws in the HP LaserJ et 5P printer. The top door doesn't latch on to anything because it is chipped, it just sits about 1/4 inch above level. PS402 on front door PCA under transfer roller Bad DC controller PCB 16 Toner low All printers Toner uneven in cartridge Bad toner cartridge contact points Replace high voltage power supply.

Remove any installed SIMMs. Hp Laserjet 6p Manual If the SIMM has more than one bank of memory, the good banks will be automatically configured. [J- □ una A recoverable error has occurred, such as a paper jam, the Compliant cables are marked with "I EEE-1284" on the cable. Z7_3054ICK0KGTE30AQO5O3KA30H5 hp-country-locator-portlet Actions ${title} Loading...

Hp Laserjet 5mp Manual

Form Feed Press the GO button. http://www.hprepaircenter.tk/hp-laserjet-5p-6p/common-led-patterns.html Power printer down for 20 mins and power it back to see if error persists. Hp Laserjet 5p User Manual Or press the GO button on the printer to continue without configuring the SIMM that caused the error. Hp Laserjet 5p User Guide Connecting to Networks and Switchboxes Most devices connected between the printer and the host computer prevent the printer from sending data back to the computer.

Replace PS1 if defective. check my blog Is this something that would require a trained technician? Respond to this 0 bump by unknown on Jul 31, 2004 at 2:16pm Add comment Please sign in to comment 0 Scott, I went and looked for the lights meaning on Clears all data from memory, including unprinted data, downloaded fonts and macros. Hp Laserjet 6p Service Manual

Or press the GO button on the printer to continue without configuring the SIMM that caused the error. Replace DC Controller PCB. It could be due to a faulty thermistor, heating element, or loose or open connection to the fuser. this content Checkthe fan to determine if it is blocked from operation.

You focus on whether the around 10mA drive to the opto-coupler is there. These secondary patterns form a binary representation of the exact hardware type, device and error number in the form 53-XY-ZZ as shown in Table 4. t.>T«ABCDBFT«ABCDEFGHlJKLHl(IOPQRSniVHXyzr\]*_-abcd«fghiJklmriopiiratuvvncyi{ I )~8l •#$**' () *t, - ,/<>1234S67e! 01234SS7ft9:,<.>7«AeCI>EFeHlJKLMHCiP6RSTOVWXyzt\]*_*«b<:d.fghijklmiopqr«CUV»rayi{|)^I-#S%t' (] 12345(789: ;<.>7«aBCDEFOHIJKL»WP0RSTOVWXYZ[\]-_'«bod«£ghiikliiinopiir.tuvvniyx{ I )^i-#?tt' U' 234567*9 :;<.>79MCDEFOTIJKLIIK0P0RaT0VV«KZ[\]"_'«bcdefghijkliiinopqr»tuvwxyi{ I )^t«#S*l'()*. 3456789: ;<->7«»BCDEFaHIJiaMHOP«RaTOV»nnra(\] ''•bcd«£ghijkliiintjpqr.tuvw3c/i{ |

Therefore, the Remote Control Panel, Status Monitor, and Status Window may not work with networks, most hardware print spoolers, some software print spoolers, and some switchboxes.

A PJ L command is required to change the self-test language to appear in a language other than English. Short summary of problem: when it attempts to print, about a second after the motors start to whir, the second green light and the three orange ones light up. If you have to move the device, for example, to add paper, make sure you stay within the range of operation to maintain the connection. Slidethecover forward and pull straight away from the side of the printer.

There are different LAP and LMP protocols for primary and secondary devices. If the connection is broken or when the print job is complete, the status light goes off. 1. Refer to the discussion of PJ L commands on page 31 33 HP Laser] et5P Printer Service Supplement Service Mode, PJL Defaults ©^ Loc*lT»l)c Hum: HP LassrJat LocalTalk Hod* XHt 2S4 have a peek at these guys All printers No toner cartridge installed or not fully seated Is there at least ONE sensitivity tab on the 92295A toner cartridge? 2686A/D Bad cassette microswitch Bad toner cartridge - missing

I iijuic; lu nc;iiiuviiivj iiay 2. Any ideas here? It has the HP logo and 5P on it. Replace paper control/sensor PCB. 4L Paper cassette is empty or missing Paper cassette not properly seated Paper out flag PS2 is broken or stuck Bad DC controller PCB 5P Tray 1

IID, IIID Check duplex paper path for blockages. Longer description: with the left side panel removed, there are 5 LEDs on the top, and one on the bottom-front-left (near the IR port). This has been verified with the "demo" page, so I doubt that it is something to do with my host PC.