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Labview Error 7 Call Library Function Node

HDF is a trademark of the HDF group. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up DLL Load Error in Labview 2011 up vote 2 down vote favorite I have encountered a problem with loading a DLL in A DLL Library initialization routine has failed. Feynman Lectures for a newcomer Why is JK Rowling considered 'bad at math'? weblink

And then there is another twist that makes even less sense to me: the company also sent me a couple "example VIs" that show how the different subVIs should be used You can relink, and remake the VI's the hard way. For example use \ as path seperators on Windows, : on Mac OS X, and / on Linux. When you click the OK button, the node automatically resizes to have the correct number of terminals and sets the terminals to the correct data types. Discover More

Hoping to find a solution... LabVIEW strings are neither of these things, and are a variable-sized block of memory beginning with a length indicator. Have you tried the all the combinations of thread and calling conventions?

But there is a twist. Compile it into a exe and have LabVIEW interact with it through the System Exec VI. I work on 64-bit windows but labview14 32-bit, so I installed the hdf5 V2.6.6. Windows when asked to load a DLL will scan the entire import list of that DLL and load any dependency of that DLL too.

Also make sure in the 'path' section of the project (ctrl-e in the project window) the DLL is listed in the right location. This will place all relevant files in their correct destinations. You can find instructions on how to do that here:https://community.rti.com/kb/why-my-labview-array-throwing-type-code-incorrect-exceptionMake also sure the cluster element names have C-like names.Give it a try and, if you keep getting the error, attach your https://lavag.org/topic/17853-call-library-function-node-fails-depending-on-run-location/ It may be necessary to cross-compile both HDF5 and h5labview for the RTOS, unless the file IO part can be executed on the host machine.

Implementation so far is on an as-desired basis. Everyone's Tags: CLFN View All (1) 0 Kudos Message 1 of 7 (1,322 Views) Reply 0 Kudos Re: Error 42 in call library function node Matt_W1 Active Participant ‎11-02-2010 05:56 PM The tools outlined above make merging possible but it's still an annoying thing to do. I never figured out what the problem was.

I am using LabVIEW to connect to a flow meter, and for this purpose the company that makes the flow meter was nice enough to give me a library of subVIs. http://h5labview.sourceforge.net/?faq Example Refer to the External Code (DLL) Execution VI in the labview\examples\Connectivity\Libraries and Executables directory for an example of using the Call Library Function Node function. When you open the VI (broken), and don't fix it, you can check the path in the LabVIEW project dependencies list. It could be that some dependency tries to load the DLL from another location before your VI tries to load them. –Ton Plomp Jul 28 '13 at 6:52 1 Sounds

Sign In Now Sign in to follow this Followers 2 Go To Topic Listing Calling External Code All Activity Home Software & Hardware Discussions LabVIEW (By Category) Calling External Code Call http://softacoustik.com/labview-error/labview-error-ni-488.php Unless you already use VIPM, it is something of a pain. Answered Your Question? Mass-compile the package for your local system by selecting Tools>Advanced>Mass Compile from the menu bar in LabVIEW and selecting the h5labview2 directory.

This output provides standard error out functionality. All rights reserved. Go to Solution File not found when trying to call a dll on LabVIEW Real Time machine adams156 Member ‎08-20-2013 12:31 PM Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to RSS check over here You can obtain this release from the HDF5 FTP site, by selecting the latest version, selecting "bin", "windows" and find the release marked "VS2010-shared" (may be in a subfolder).

I then use a "Check if File or Folder Exists.vi" to confirm that the dll that I'm about to call does exist on the real time system as well. I get the Error 7 when I try to run for example "simple-read.vi" => call library function node in H5F.lvlib:H5Fopen.vi:1->simple-read.vi. This will download a ZIP of all the files.

It may be possible to make the library compatible with RT but I am not sure about the steps involved as I do not have an RT system for development.

This is an unfortunate consequence of LabVIEW's reliance on file names and directory layout to identify code. Try using depends.exe to see whether your DLL depends on any others. 1 Kudo Message 7 of 9 (916 Views) Reply 1 Kudo Re: File not found when trying to call I don't think that the problem comes from referencing a different vi because my error message is generated by my Call Library Function Node. I had a DLL I wrote just stop working after I updated my daq and vision drivers (removing them didn't fix the problem).

If you can post the C declaration of the function and an example VI with a copy of the call node. Verify that the path is correct using the command prompt or file explorer. Yes, I tried to change calling convention, to recreate it via LabVIEW's import DLL wizard or by hand. http://softacoustik.com/labview-error/labview-error-6.php It is highly recommended you do upgrade when you have time to, because bug-fixes and improvements will only continue on this version.[ ↑ top ]Design choicesHow does error handling work?HDF maintains